Video surveillance for apartment house

easily accessible for all residents
Video surveillance in apartment buildings
Errai video surveillance is designed to simultaneously work with a large number of cameras and users Errai provides all residents with access to common cameras in real time and the historical archive.

On any device via the Internet

Real time or video archive full motion 25 frames per second video and high quality sound is now possible on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
Errai video surveillance on phone, tablet and computerErrai video surveillance on phone, tablet and computer

Yoiur property under your supervision

Resolve controversial issues immediately and on the spot with immediate access to the archive.
Car and yard

Playground under control

Look after children and go about your business at the same time using the function of previewing all cameras in real time.

Be closer to your family

Errai allows adding private cameras in an apartment in shared amplartment complex environment to keep an eye on your pets, elderly relatives and children.

Save moments

Errai makes it easy to save and share any video segment of history.
Saving video Errai

State of the art security


Data is protected by asymmetric encryption and the generation of new keys for each session.

This means that your data remains safe from ISPs, hackers and the Errai team.

Errai security symbol

Technical advantages

Advantages of ErraiAdvantages of Errai
  • 1. Simultaneous access for all users

    Errai is the first video surveillance system which provides access to real-time video and history to an unlimited number of users simultaneously.
  • 2. Works with poor Internet connection

    Errai developed proprietary technology which allows you to watch video even with a poor Internet connection.
  • 3. Secure data transmission

    To ensure a high level of security for the transmitted data, Errai uses TSL and p2p encryption.
  • 4. Cameras access rights differentiation

    Every user can watch only the cameras that are connected to their account.
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Video surveillance in apartment buildings