Errai in schools

Zooming the love

Errai for schools is a new technology which allows parents to be closer to their children when they need to be elsewhere.

Watch your children on your phone

Errai provides a real-time full video with sound anywhere in the world.

Browse joyful episodes

Errai allows you to view up to 30 days history from all cameras
Errai on iPhone

Keep creative moments

Keep the most cheerful moments of your child's life

Share your emotions

Share your children’s special moments with family and friends.

In living color and with sound on any device

Full motion 25 frames per second video and high quality sound is now possible on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
Errai on devicesErrai on devices

Be closer to your child

Wherever you are, you always can take an extra care of your child.You can be aware of what they are doing, eating, wearing and how they communicating and developing.You can also take the necessary steps for a rapid response.
Errai on iPad

Schools and children under supervision

Errai CameraErrai Camera
Children who know they may be under parents’ watchful eye behave and are less likely to be naughty.
Using Errai video surveillance system prevents cases of inadequate teaching practices.

Enhanced child security

Errai video surveillance systems may be installed across the school site, indoors and outdoors to enhance children safety.

Errai allows you to distinguish the access rights to cameras. Parents have access only to the areas where their child spends time.


Wide angle viewing

2-3 cameras in each room, plus in a sports hall, swimming pool, assembly hall allow you to find out if your child ate well, what kinds of sports they like, or to attend remotely a matinee and to hear them singing.
Errai on iPhoneErrai on iPhone

Online broadcasting and schooling

If a parent is running late and can’t be at school event on time, they can attend it remotely, viewing a live video, or watch the history later.
Children's activitiesChildren's activities
Grandparents are happy to have an opportunity to watch all events participated by their grandchildren.
If a child cannot attend school for any reason, parents can arrange an online broadcast of a lesson without leaving home.

Technical advantages

Advantages of ErraiAdvantages of Errai
  • 1. Access for all parents simultaneously

    Errai is the first video surveillance system which simultaneously provides unlimited number of users with an access to real-time video and history.
  • 2. Secure data transmission

    To ensure a high level of security for the transmitted data, Errai uses TSL and p2p encryption.
  • 3. Work with poor Internet connection

    Errai developed a proprietary technology which allows you to watch video with sound even with a bad Internet connection.
  • 4. Cameras access rights differentiation

    Every user can watch only the cameras that are connected to his account.
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