Cameras installation recommendations

A location selection

The main criteria for choosing a place is the location of the camera on a wall or ceiling. Install the cameras under the ceiling when you need a large view of the room and you are ready to sacrifice the detail of the image. In standard situations, install the cameras 2 meters above the floor in a corner, this will significantly improve the clarity of the video.

Positioning of the camera

The maximum efficiency of video surveillance is achieved due to the correct positioning of the visible area of the camera. We recommend reducing or eliminating the ceiling grip in the visible area, which will allow the camera to be used to capture the maximum useful room space and floor. If possible, install the camera so that the top edge of the visible area ends at a height of 2 meters above the floor of the opposite wall. Do not install cameras in front of windows and light sources, this will avoid exposure and improve image quality. Look at the example.


Depending on where you install the camera, take care of the correct cable routing. When installing the camera on the street or in a public places, hide the cable in a wall behind the camera, this will eliminate a possibility of deliberately turning off the camera by intruders. When installing the camera indoors, the cable is better to be laid on the ceiling, this will reduce the risk of unintentional cable damage and complicate the intentional one.