Privacy Policy

Last modified: March 1, 2017

Introducing Zorachka Privacy Policy

By using Errai and other products developed by the company Zorachka LTD ("Zorachka"), you agree to provide your personal data. To check what information we collect and how we use it, read our privacy policy carefully.

We want you to understand clearly how your data is used. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, make sure you read our rules.

Privacy policy clarifies:

Fundamental Terms

What data we gather

We collect data on visitors of our websites, such as: IP address, browser type, access to pages, duration of visits, etc. using services such as Google Webmaster Tools and Yandex Webmaster. We do not intend and do not use these data to identity your person.

We may collect your personal identification information within our Products, such as your name, email address, credit card and bank account information, company name and address or other information that allows us to identify you or which may be reasonable used to determine your identity when you voluntarily register in our Products.

For analytical purposes and for providing you with technical support, we can collect data related to your account, such as:

Once you become a user, you can provide additional information. Providing additional information is optional.

To facilitate the usage of the Products, Zorachka can automatically collect certain types of the information listed above when you apply for technical support. To collect this data, Zorachka can use automated tools and files, such as cookies. These automated tools and files can be stored on our servers or on your computer or device. You have the right to restrict this information and block Zorachka's automated tools, however this may affect the quality of our Products and provision of technical support to you.

How we use the collected data

Zorachka uses your personal information for:

When you contact Zorachka, your messages are saved so that we can solve the problem faster. Sometimes we send emails to users about upcoming changes or improvements in the operation of the Products.

If you need to use your data for purposes not mentioned in this privacy policy, we always ask for prior consent to do so.

Zorachka servers process personal data of users from all over the world. Therefore, such information can be processed by a server located in another country than the subject of personal data.

Information which could be disclosed

Errai is created for work with video materials from surveillance cameras, so special attention was paid to this Product architecture.

Errai team has no access to the video materials recorded on your server using of Errai OS and can't give an access to third party due to technical impossibility.

You remain fully responsible for recording and storage of video materials on your server according to the law of the country in which you are located, as well as for the disclosure, concealment or dissemination of these materials.

Zorachka keeps your Errai access passwords on its servers in the form of a check sum, without the possibility of turning the check sum back into your password. Depending on the decision of the court of the country in which you reside, we can transfer the check sum of your passwords and information about your account. However, it should be noted that this information will not be enough to access the video material recorded with your Errai OS. Due to the Errai architecture, Zorachka does not have a technical capability of unauthorized access to video materials on your server with Errai OS.

As soon as you delete an account in any of our Product, the data about it is immediately deleted from our servers. Active accounts are stored on our servers without time restriction. The deleted data can be stored in our backups within 30 days.

We can distribute your personal information excluding video materials to our third-party service providers, such as storing data, technical, database management, web analytics and payment processing service providers, which complement and improve our Products. These service providers may have access to the personal information necessary to perform their functions, and we make commercially reasonable efforts to prevent the disclosure of your personal information by such third parties, except for the purpose of providing relevant services. We do not sell your personal information to third parties for our own marketing purposes.

We can use and disclose the information, which we are collecting at aggregated and anonymized form for research and information goals, to third parties.

Managing your personal information

Zorachka could provide you an access to chats, forums, bulletin boards and other interactive functions. You should know, when you voluntarily disclose personal information (for example, username, email address) via forums, messages, profiles and other services, this information along with any essential information, disclosed in your message, could be collected, associated and used by third parties, and could lead to uncontrolled messages from other services and third parties. Such actions are not subjected to Zorochka. Please, do not place personal information, which you prefer to keep a secret, at a public resource.

Information protection

We do our best to secure Zorachka and our users from hacking, changing, exposing and removing of stored data. Particularly, we do next:

Storing the data

To serve international community of users Zorachka supports data processing centers all over the world. Our data processing centers which situated in USA serve users from USA, Canada, Japan and South America. The data of users from Europe, Great Britain and Middle East is stored in data processing centers in Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain. Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania are served by the centers of data processing in Singapore. Users data from CIS states is stored in processing data centers located in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Collecting information from children

Consciously we do not collect personal information related to children. In the event of us find out that we have collected personal information from anyone under 13 without parents advance consent, we'll take steps to the immediate remove of this information. When providing your personal information through applications to Zorachka, you confirm that you are at least 13 years old.


For your convenience we can provide you links to certain websites, products or services of third parties. If you decide to visit a third party website or use its products or services, keep in mind, that you accept the privacy policy of a third party.

International visitors and users

Zorachka's websites are situated in Germany and USA. If you visit our website from any other region, please pay attention, that you inform about your personal data to USA and Germany, where the data protection law could differ from your country's one.


In accordance with this privacy Policy Zorachka does not guarantee an infallible operation of Applications. In Spite of our efforts, not always we can find unintended privacy problem.

We are glad to have your feedbacks about any privacy issues, including the way we can improve this privacy Policy. For any further questions contact us by


From time to time our privacy Policy may change. However, we will never circumscribe user's rights without their expressed agreement. All privacy Policy updates are reflected on this page, and about the most significant we will report separate.

Legal information

–ĚThis privacy Policy is regulated by the Terms of our Products using, available for perusal at the following URL, including Terms, concerning the restrictions on reparation of damages, disclaimer of warranty and dispute resolution. Our terms of use have have primacy over any contradictory items of this privacy Policy.