Errai Mobile station

Video surveillance in the field

Errai mobile station is a ready to use automated solution for object video surveillance in the field. Each Errai mobile station includes a tower with omni-directional high-resolution cameras, built-in batteries and communication modules. It can be plugged to a 220V or a diesel generator.
Errai Mobile Station

Solar panels

Solar panels enable the station to operate in fully-autonomous mode.


provides an access to the station over the Internet. It works via 2G/3G/LTE connection.

WiFi module

WiFi module enables you to connect the station to the high speed internet wireless.

Internal memory

provides minimum 90 days of history recording from all cameras.


keeps the station operating up to 24 hours in a fully-autonomous mode. The system supplies hot swapping batteries.

360° cameras

Cameras are equipped with night illumination and lenses against sun beams. A single station can hold 3 to 6 cameras, what provides an overview of an object from 120 ° to 360 °.

Weatherproof Stereo Microphones

Weatherproof stereo microphones enable a sound recording even in the most difficult weather conditions.

Power 12V, 36V, 48V or 220V

Depending on the configuration, the station can be equipped with different uninterruptible power supply or a diesel generator.

Reliable data transmission over the Internet

All data between the mobile station and the user device is transferred encrypted and the video is transmitted in optimized format, what enables to use the system in various conditions.
Errai Mobile Station

Video Stream

Video stream is transmitted through the servers which operate independantly without recording it in cloud, what ensures confidentiality of all video data. If necessary video stream could be duplicated to a private company's server over the Internet via encrypted Errai communication channels.


The highest security of the system is provided by SSL encryption and P2P method.

User’s devices

Users have access to all system features from any mobile devices or a computer via the Internet.
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