For Internet providers

Multiply your profit by 3

Errai allows you to repeatedly and long-term monetize the existing customer base through the technology of large-scale connection of users to the video surveillance system.
Video surveillance at home

Errai in homes

video surveillance for the residents of apartment buildings. Each user pays a low monthly fee and has access to the cameras in the stairwell, an elevator, on the landing, a parking lot and a children's area.

Errai in kindergartens

This is a new opportunity for parents to be closer to their children. Cameras are installed in the children’s area and outdoor, and parents have access to cameras where their child is detected. The system installation in the kindergarten is free of charge; parents only have to pay the monthly fee.
Apartment houses

Errai in Office buildings

The owners of office buildings could sell the popular video service to their renters with the possibility of a complete separation of access rights. The Errai advantage over its competitors is that the end customer does not pay for the installation, but only for the system using.

The way it works

Our company provides everything you need for a quick start. You just need to sell a new service to customers and to assume the first line of technical support.
Scheme of workScheme of workScheme of work

1. Our CDN

Errai has its own cloud-based user management system. You do not need to install and maintain complex software inside the company.

2. Our cameras

Our manufacturing partners, will provide free surveillance cameras for your project for the entire period of service.

3. Our applications

Errai apps are already available on the Apple Store, Google Play and through a web browser. You just have to provide a link to the client.

4. Your storage

Video can be stored in your Data Center or our partners will provide a local server for installation on the site.

5. Your network

You probably have your own Ethernet network, which you can use for free video traffic between users and cameras.

6. Your customers

We provide all the necessary marketing materials for your quick start of sales.

7. Your contact service

We integrate your sales contacts and technical support directly into our applications.

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