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We receive applications from the farthest places of our planet and we need help in installing our system worldwide.

If you have essential experience, license and tools — we are welcome you to our partnership program!

You will have access to pre-order licenses, priority technical support and marketing materials.


Participating in massive installations

Errai attracts big companies to cooperate in multiuser system project. Among this companies are: Internet service providers, business-centres networks, residential complexes etc. You could become a hardware assembly and serving partner in such projects.
Video surveillance at home

Errai in Apartment buildings

That is professional and accessible video surveillance for apartment buildings residents. Each user pays low monthly subscription and has an access to cameras at the entrance, on a landing, in an elevator, a parking lot or a children's area.
Apartment houses

Errai in Kindergartens

This is a new possibility for parents to be closer to their children. Cameras are settling in a children area and outdoors and parents has an access to the cameras there their child is located. The Errai installation in Kindergarten is free of charge. Prents just have to pay a monthly fee.

Errai in business-centers

A business centers owner could sell popular video surveillance services to their tenants with complete separation of access. In comparison with rivals end user doesn't pay for the system installing but just for using.

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