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Errai customers include multi-national companies, Internet service providers, business-centers, residential complexes and more. We are actively looking for integrators to partner with on these projects.
Video surveillance at home

Errai in Residential buildings

Professional and accessible video surveillance for apartment buildings residents. Each user pays low monthly subscription and has access to cameras granted them by the Errai administrator.
Apartment houses

Errai in Schools

Allowing parents to be closer to their children and caregivers Cameras can be installed in indoor and outdoor areas and parents have access to the cameras that their child is located. The Errai installation in Schools can be free of charge. Parents just have to pay a monthly fee.

Errai in commercial buildings

A commercial building owner /operator could resell video surveillance services to their tenants with complete separation of access. In comparison with competitors, the end user doesn't pay for the system installation but for access.

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