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Sell cameras by subscription

New business model: rent cameras. Errai develops projects of multi-user video surveillance systems, where a large number of users have access to several cameras.This is an opportunity for you to have a monthly income from one camera comparable to its cost.
Video surveillance at home

The project: Apartment buildings

Each user pays a monthly fee and have access to professional video surveillance at the entrance, an elevator, on the landing, parking and a children's area.
Apartment houses

The project: Kindergartens

A new opportunity for parents to be closer to children. Installation in the children's area and on the street is free of charge, parents must pay only a monthly fee.

The project: Business-centers

The owner of the business center can sell a popular video surveillance service to its landlords with the possibility of full separation of access rights.

The way it works

In Errai projects we involve partners with large corporate, private and social bases of clients. Our partners carry out the sale of the system and it technical support

The manufacturer of the equipment must provide cameras and related equipment for installation on site, after which he will be able to receive a monthly profit from the project.

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