Selection of equipment and technical requirements

Motherboard and components

Errai OS is compatible with motherboards of any manufacturer. We recommend installing 2 Ethernet network cards and a separate SSD drive for the system. Network cards allow to separate network of cameras from the internet, and SSD-drive will increase the fault tolerance of the system.

2 network interfaces

Needed in order to isolate the network camera from the Internet.

HDD for video archive

We recommend you to choose the hard drives for video surveillance systems, such as Western Digital Purple. When choosing a disc, you should pay attention to the noise and vibration that they produce, the less they will be, the longer this hard disk will last.

SSD for Errai OS

We recommend that you install the OS on Errai SSD-drive with capacity up to 64GB. This will allow to avoid problems when the operation of the system.


Can be used as an alternative connection to the Internet.


Can be used of any manufacturer and any model. We recommend to use Intel processors of i3, i5 and i7 series.


The minimum recommended size is 4GB. The necessity in RAM increases in proportion to the number of connected to the server cameras.

Video surveillance camera

Errai OS supports most of the IP cameras on the market. For correct operation it is necessary to have two RTSP streams with h.264 or h.265 codec and sound in G.711 or AAC format.

We recommend using Hikvision cameras, as they are proven themself in our internal tests, and have a good pricing policy on the market.

Learn how to select the right camera on the page How to choose a camera for video surveillance

Two RTSP streams
H.264 or H.265 codec
ONViF support
Sound in G.711 or AAC

Network equipment

Networking — an important step in the implementation of video surveillance, which will depend on the final cost of the entire system. We recommend dividing the choice of network solution into 4 parts, depending on the distance between the camera and the server.

For the distances up to 100 meters, use a UTP cat. 5e copper cable. From 100 to 400 meters use an optical cable. At distances up to 2 km. you can connect the camera via WiFi or install multiple servers.