It’s easier then you think

Start on any device

Errai video surveillance on phone, tablet and computer
A tablet, a smartphone or a computer — Errai is compatible with all devices.

Immerse yourself into history

Errai is a genuine time machine for traveling to the past. Full-motion video with sound is available at any moment of the history.

You can share the video with a friend or save a snapshot.

Video storage of Errai video surveillance on the tablet and computer

Be the first to know

When the motion is detected, Errai sends a notification.

Flexible settings allows you to manage notifications from the desired camera.

AI algorithms minimize false positives.

Errai security symbol

Intuitive navigation

A timeline displays the history of motion intensity captured by the camera, allowing you to navigate the video archive easily.
Errai timeline

Full motion video surveillance playback

Full motion 25 frames per second video and high quality sound is now possible on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
25frames per second

State of the art security


Data is protected by asymmetric encryption and the generation of new keys for each session.

This means that your data remains safe from ISPs, hackers and the Errai team.

Errai security symbol
Quality of video that supports Errai

It works under all conditions

Errai provides high-quality video surveillance under any Internet connection.

Increase or decrease video quality while in live or playback mode.

Reliable architecture

Simple representation of Errai architecture
Simple representation of Errai architecture

Guarantees security and high speed video transmittion

Simple representation of Errai architecture
Errai OS

Guarantees video archive privacy and the stable operation

Failure tolerance and self-test

Errai is a highly stable and failure-tolerant system, but if something does go wrong the self-test prompts where the problem is located and offers a way a resolution.

Errai's self-test system

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