Terms of use

The last update: 1 March 2017

Welcome to Zorachka!

Thank you for using Errai and our products (hereinafter "Products"). They are provided by Zorachka LTD (hereinafter "Zorachka"), registered at Spryrou Kyprianou 10, FLAT / OFF. G1, Mesa Geitonia, 4001, Limassol, Cyprus.

By using of our Products, you agree to these Terms. If you have any questions, write to us at contact@zorachka.com

Consent to the Terms

Using Zorachka's Products you accept these Terms. Please note, that if you do not agree to these Terms, then you are not entitled to use the Products of Zorachka.

Please, be aware that you are not allowed to use the Products and cannot accept these Terms, until the legal age, when you are entitled to enter into a legal agreement with Zorachka, is reached.Also you cannot perform the above actions if you are a person who, in accordance with the laws of the state, Including the state of which you are a resident or on whose territory you are using the Product, you are forbidden to sign an agreement.

The Products use

While using the Products you must comply with all the rules that you will be asked to get familiarized.

Do not improperly use the Products. In particular, do not try to interfere with their work or to obtain access to them bypassing the standard interface and our instructions.

Use the Products only in accordance with the statutory regulations, including applicable enforceable enactments and rules, that regarding to export and re-export. If you violate these terms or if we suspect you of this, we may suspend or completely close you access to the Products.

When working with the Products, you are granted with neither an intellectual property rights nor with the Products themselves or the content related to them. The last of the above you can use only if you have the permission of the owner or if such possibility is provided by the legislation. These Terms do not grant you rights to use any branding elements or logos of our Products. You should not remove, hide or modify the legal notices displayed on the Products pages.

The Products may hold created and / or downloaded by third parties content. The latter mentioned bear full responsibility for it.

If you use our Products, we can send you notices, messages from the administrator and other informative materials. In some cases, you can refuse to receive them, if necessary.

In accordance with these terms you are solely responsible for any violation of the user obligations, and for all consequences of such violations (Including any loss or damage that Zorachka may incur).

Many of our products can be used on mobile devices. However, when you are driving the vehicle, that can distract you and lead to a violation of traffic rules, so be careful.

Your Account

To use the Product, you must have a relevant account. You can create it yourself on the website or in the mobile application of the Product, or in some cases you will be provided with it by an administrator, for example, an employer or an authorized employee of the establishment. If you received a Product account from an administrator, they have the right to view or block your account, and you may be subjected to other or additional conditions.

You are responsible for all actions that are performed in the Product through your account, and also in it. Therefore, do not share the password from your account with outsiders, and do not use this password in other web applications.

Privacy and copyright protection

When working with our Products, you permit us to use your personal information in accordance with Zorachka's privacy policy. The latter one describes the reasons of our using this data and the way of us ensuring the users confidentiality when working with the Projects.

About the software related to the Products

If you need to download the software to work with the Product, it can be automatically updated on the user's device when a new version is appeared or a new function is introduced. Some Products allow you to configure automatic update settings.

Zorachka gives you a personal, worldwide, free, non-exclusive and non-assignable license to use its software as part of work with the Products. This license allows you to take full advantage of Zorachka Products in full compliance with these Terms. You are forbidden to copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any elements of the Products and their associated software, perform reverse development, and attempt to extract the source code for this software, except as required by law, or if you have written permission from Zorachka company.

We pay much attention to the open source software. Some of the programs, which are required when working with our Products or are included in them, are distributed by the terms of the free license that will be provided to you. Its certain items explicitly overlap some requirements of these Terms.

Change and Termination of the Products

We constantly change and improve our Products. From time to time, we implement or remove certain features and capabilities. We can also suspend the Product or close it.

You have the right to stop using our Products at any moment. In addition, at any time Zorachka can close you the access to them, limit it or specify the related new conditions.

We pay great attention to the user's access to their data. When closing the Program, we will take all acts to warn users about it, and give them the opportunity to copy the containing data.

Guarantees and disclaimers

We provide products on the assumption of an economic level of functionality and support. We hope that you will appreciate them. However, we cannot assume certain obligations regarding our Products.

Neither Zorachka nor its suppliers or distributors make any other warranties with respect to the Products except those, that are specified in the submitted and additional Terms of use. In particular, we do not assume any obligations regarding the content of the Products, their special functionality, reliability, availability and compliance to your needs. Products are provided under the principle "as it is".

The legislation of some countries provide such guarantees as marketability, suitability for a particular sphere of application and the copyright abuse absence. In addition to the situations stipulated by law, we exclude all implied warranties.

Responsibility for Products

Neither Zorachka nor its suppliers and distributors are liable for lost profits, missed income, waste of data, financial forfeit, or indirect, special, vicarious, punitive or penal damages, unless otherwise provided by the law.

Except as provided by law, the general liability of Zorachka, its suppliers and distributors on any claim in respect of these terms, including all implied warranties, is limited to the amount, that you paid for the use of the Products (or, at our option, by re-supplying you with the relevant Products).

Under no circumstances Zorachka, its suppliers and distributors will liable for unforeseen damage or loss.

We understand that in some countries you may have additional legal rights as a consumer. If you use the Products for personal purposes, then the submitted and additional Terms of Use do not impose additional restrictions on your legal rights as a consumer, unless the latter is contractually conditioned.

If you use our Products on behalf of your company, this means that the company accepts these Terms. It undertakes to protect Zorachka, its subsidiaries, management, agents and employees from any legal claims, processes and proceedings related to your using the Products or your violation of these Terms, as well as from any liability, including financial one, in respect of claims, harm, damage, proceedings, legal costs and attorneys'fees.

About these Terms of use

We reserve the right to change these or additional Terms of use in case of emendation of the law or updates of the Products themselves. In case of disagreement with the changes in the Terms, you must stop using the Products. The Products use continuation means the use under modified Terms. You need to regularly monitor information about such adjustments. We will let you know about the modification of terms on this page. Information on the modification of additional terms is distributed within the framework of the relevant Products.Changes have no retroactive effect and come into effect not earlier than fourteen days from the date of publication. However, if they connected with the introduction of new Products functions or legislation emendation, they will be applied immediately. If you do not agree to the changes in the terms of use of the Products, you must stop working with them.

If these terms contradict additional terms, the latter ones have priority.

These terms govern the relationship between you and Zorachka company. They do not provide regulation of the third parties rights.

If you violate these terms and we do not take immediate action, this does not mean that we do not intend to assert our rights in the future (including taking certain actions).

If one of the items of these terms becomes inoperative, this will not affect the remaining provisions legitimacy.

In some cases, the courts of a number of countries disclaim Cyprus legislation. If you reside in one of these regions, Cyprus legislation is not applicable for action proceedings related to these Terms of use. Otherwise, you agree that all disputes with the case of the Terms of use or the Products will be resolved in accordance with the laws of Cyprus, excluding situations of the law conflicts. Likewise, if a court in your country refuses to recognize the jurisdiction of Cyprus, then relating to these Terms of use claims should be considered within the local jurisdiction and judicial district. Otherwise, all claims related to these Terms of use or the Products themselves are in the competence of the courts of Cyprus. You on a par with Zorachka company, acknowledge the jurisdiction of these judicial authorities.

The way to contact Zorachca representatives is on our contact page.